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What is Walking with Moms?

Walking with Moms in Need is an initiative of Catholics across the United States, joined in by individuals in the diocese of Madison in southwestern Wisconsin. We invite all people to join us in accompanying moms (and dads too!) and their families and to offer support.

To participate in the national initiative to walk with moms, reach out to a Catholic Church near you. Parishes have been asked to appoint a leader to spearhead each community’s efforts and recruit volunteers. 

How does my parish get started?

Your parish is already doing amazing things to help moms in need. Click here to see if your parish has already been trained and filled out the survey. If not, please complete the following steps:

  1. Watch this video. It covers what Walking with Moms in Need is, what it isn’t, how to fill out our survey, and how we’ll use the information your parish shares with us.
  2. Let us know you’ve watched the training video. Email the volunteer team at to let us know a member of your parish has finished the training video and we’ll let you know next steps.

How can I walk alongside moms in my community?

  • Ask. Ask her what she most needs and desires for herself and her family. Make sure that she is comfortable with any assistance.
  • Nourish. Drop off a home-cooked meal, offer to pick up groceries, or arrange a meal train.
  • Transport. Offer to run errands, give her a ride to work, or contribute to transportation costs.
  • Relieve. Whether it’s babysitting for an hour or a day, childcare can offer a break or time to complete essential tasks.
  • Research. Help her locate necessary resources and offer to make calls on her behalf. Reach out to your community to see if there is anyone who may be willing to offer services at a reduced cost.
  • Commit. Be consistent in showing up for her and walking alongside her for as long as she wishes.

What does Walking with Moms look like throughout the U.S.?

An Introduction to Walking with Moms

Learn about how the Church supports pregnant and parenting mothers through the efforts of Walking with Moms in Need.

Volunteering for Walking with Moms

Volunteers share about the joy that comes from serving mothers in their parish communities through Walking with Moms in Need.

Regina’s Story

Regina shares the story of how her local parish supported her when she was a single mother of six young children. Today, she helps serve mothers in the same parish through Walking with Moms in Need.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

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